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From the mysterious Celtic Coast of Northern Ireland, Progressive Celtic Rock songwriter Kim Andrews is turning up the volume.  Fans describe her music as early Black Sabbath and Dio with hints of Nightwish with

Rockin’ good guitars.


In a needle in the haystack Rock Genre, Kim Andrews stands out with her twist of Progressive Celtic Rock and also her powerful vocal with higher operatic octave harmonies.


Her debut Sands of Time EP was self-released in 2016 featuring Matt Starr (drummer of Ace Frehley, Mr Big) in the single Sands of Time (Midnight Version).  This lead to an interview by the Rock Monster Show radio station.


In the same year, Kim got involved with Dumbworld Production Company with a choir featuring Lilian Bland’s life story in 1910 who was battling the forces of prejudice to complete the design, building and flying of her plane.  The performance was held at the Ulster Hall, Belfast accompanied with the Ulster Orchestra. 


In 2019 seen Kim gain over 19,000 new fans around the world.  She is currently recording a new album with a Celtic Rock influence with higher octave operatic harmonies.  


Kim sets the pace for independent artists and the Progressive Celtic Rock genre by not touring.  Having disability awareness qualifications, Kim believes that obstacles can be overcome.  She loves to sing live but continues to be a recording artist and songwriter to encourage other independent artists to achieve their goals.



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