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If you are a beginner guitarist or an artist who wants to learn guitar from scratch, this might suit you. 

You get to find out about the parts of the guitar. 

You will learn some chords and skills.

You will see a demonstration of what you can do with those chords.

You can view a demonstration of operatic octave harmonies

combined with a guitar solo.

It's all a very casual approach which I hope you will enjoy

and you can come back again anytime!

Check the page for future updates on NEW FREE Guitar Lessons!

Chords & more for Beginners

The Last Goodbye Interpretation

A behind the scenes look at a guitar solo to one of my songs

The Sun Has Scorched the Sky.

It was the initial idea of the solo which I later fixed and changed

but it's the basis for that solo.

It gives you an idea of the scale that is used,  as you progress with your guitar playing!

An insight into the pentatonic scale with a guitar solo.

Find out about the fret names and how to use the Pentatonic scale.

You will find out about the

Pentatonic Extensions.

See how to put it all together it's easier than you think.

Grab your FREE PDF sheet for the diagrams to follow the video below.

New Song Guitar Solo 

Pentatonic Scale &
Guitar Solo

Shadows Fall Kim Guitar
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