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I tell the story of the Flame of the Fire, a mystical fire that burns within each human soul. The song is about finding and embracing one's true fire, and is inspired by Celtic legend and mythology. Check out Flame of the Fire's official website and Facebook page to see the full lyric video, and be sure to download the song its on all streaming sites to hear it in full!


Welcome to 🔥 Kim Andrews presents 🔥 Flame of the Fire Official track - Celtic Metal. If you love anything in Fantasy METAL with heavy riffs, wait for them they will kick in soon, and you will love this too. Oh, and there is a DRAGON or two. This track was one of the first songs I wrote in a Celtic Metal genre, with harmonies, going from light to dark heavy riffs. The meaning of the song might be interpreted differently by you and you will have to hear it for yourself. It's all fantasy-based with a storyline in there, so let your imagination take you far away to another realm.