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"When the World Falls Apart"

It has taken a little while but I finally got the video finished for "When the World Falls Apart." It has a mixture of metal riffs and rock with guitar solos. The idea behind the video was the snow symbolized when your world falls apart and the sunset behind the mountain recognized hope in your situation, in relation to the chorus. Here are some lyrics:

When the World Falls Apart © 2017 by Kim Andrews

You don’t ask what’s expected of me

You don’t see what I wanted to be

You don’t feel what I’m trying to say

You don’t get how I ended this way

Anger is a disease of the world

Pain when you know that it burns

Fear to forget what we need

Greed is a monster that feeds

Every time I try, tell me the reason why

Why I failed to be, to fulfill my destiny

I need to touch the sky

When the world falls apart, when you need a brand new start

Love will make you whole

Like you expected in a dream

Throughout your life, at the end of the line

Love will make you whole

Hold onto your dreams

When the world falls apart, when you need a brand new start

Wonder of everything we love

Escape to know we’ve learned

Forever the reason why

Joy to touch the sky

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