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Dragon Dunluce

Dragon Dunluce

The art demonstration video sets out how I started to create the Dragon sitting on top of Dunluce Castle. I show you how the colours are used until the final Dragon portrait is finished. I then cut closely around the Dragon and place him on top of Dunluce Castle. I produced the photographs of the castle for the backdrop as I visited there recently this year. I photographed the sky several years ago and then I developed it into a painting that I created of a sunset around Portaferry Coast Road. I really liked the dramatic colours of the sky which I thought would complement the dark shades of Dunluce Castle. I have combined them both to create a final piece.

The Dragon sits dominantly on top of the castle as if he owns it, may be he does. The Dragon Maiden has been waiting patiently for his arrival. This is all part of a series of drawings that I have created for a new music video for a new Progressive Celtic Rock track. The drawings develop into a story of how the Dragon Maiden and the Dragon meet around the shores of Ireland. Is this their first meeting or their last meeting?

Our Celtic scenery had flamed my inspiration of a time gone by but never forgotten. I thought about a red coloured Dragon as part of the Flame of the Fire lyrics of the new track. The music has a Celtic leaning combined with Rock inspired guitar. The Dragon can be symbolic, mysterious, or even relative. I have been countless times to the Giants Causeway as a child but now I seen it in a new light.

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