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Thank you for being you

Hey there, it’s Kim here!

I hope you are well in your world!

While you are on your travels enter the forbidden kingdom of the Dragon’s Lair if you dare.

The sea pushes swathes of water onto the tall stonewall as the ocean stirs. The wind billows beneath his torn Dragon wings while he guards the castle where he was born. He awaits his Shield Maiden and his fate.

You have all you need as a knight to breach the castle.

There be T-shirts, hoodies, your goblet (in our case) a mug to fend off the cold night while on watch.

For the Valkyrie and the Shield Maiden (the ladies) there be T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies in colour, gold and white designs. There’s more swag to be had for everyone.

Because you have traveled with me, I want to thank you. You will receive FREE DELIVERY when you fill your cart and purchase your precious items.

Best wishes to you.

Kim x

P.S. When you checkout just enter “FREESHIP11b55f16” for International and USA FREE DELIVERY when you buy a certain amount. Get your precious items soon, as the Free Delivery ends 26 November 2018.

#CelticDragons #Tshirts #TshirtdesignsCelticThemes #CelticThemes

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