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⚡ Procrastination: is it divine timing, or just bad habits? Kim Andrews breaks it down for you!

Do you find yourself putting things off until later? Do you find yourself constantly putting things off, to the point where it's starting to affect your life? If so, then you might be suffering from procrastination. I have the answers you're looking for in this video! I'll explain the different types of procrastination and provide tips on how to overcome them. Finally, I'll give you some advice on how to stop wasting time and get your life back on track!

So wer're delving into overcoming procrastination and to discover :-

⚡ What is procrastination?

⚡ Why do we do it?

⚡ The definition of procrastination

⚡ Using our visualizations to overcome it Stay tuned to know what procrastination can look like and how I overcame procrastination in my life, so watch to the end to find out the answers. Warning though you will get inspired 🎸

⚡ You can also find my Youtube music channel here

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