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đŸ”„ THE STORY OF DRAGON ROAMS - a female warrior adventure symphonic metal/ethereal metal Kim Andrews

The Story of Dragon Roams - a female warrior adventure - symphonic metal, and ethereal metal.

In this video, I'm sharing the story of Dragon Roams, a symphonic metal and ethereal metal track written and performed by Kim Andrews.

It follows the adventure of a female warrior as she fights against the Beast, a monster that threatens the world.

If you're a fan of symphonic metal and ethereal metal, then you'll love this! It's filled with beautiful and powerful music that will transport you to another world.

With its adventurous story and immersive music, Dragon Roams is a must-listen for any metal fan! The song is available on all streaming sites and you can listen on Spotify here ***


It features drummer Matt Starr (from Ace Frehley, Mr Big), with his thunderous tribal drums and Peter Voronov's hunting violins and viola.

This is from a collection of songs that I've been working on and I wanted to share this song with you. I hope you come on this adventure with me to another realm, bring your sword.

P.S. You can view the full lyric video here, to further your adventure, check it out

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